What we do

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Centomint works with clients to come up with and refine a comprehensive plan for their unique goals. We will advise on suitable investments, retirement planning, tax planning and insurances to cover risk with the end goal in mind. We will work with you on every step of the way. A financial plan gets you from where you are to where you want to be. A financial plan narrows in on key action items for wealth creation. We offer comprehensive financial planning solutions that identify priorities, assess feasibility, and chart appropriate strategies for wealth creation. The comprehensive financial plan also works on asset allocation, mutual fund portfolio review, debt management, cash flow analysis, tax planning, and risk management strategies. It includes one year of continuous service with scheduled quarterly meetings.


  1. We meet with you to understand your life goals.
  2. We will collect and analyze your financial information including earning, spending, assets and liabilities.
  3. We will create a comprehensive financial plan towards achieving your goals. Recommendations will include advice on retirement planning, investments mortgage insurance, risk and tax assessment.
  4. After more rounds of review, we will help you implement the recommendations.
  5. We will meet periodically to review and assess the plan.

Mutual Funds

With more than 21 lakh crores invested into Mutual Funds as on date, and more than 5,500 crores being added each month through SIP’s (Systematic Investment Plans), it’s an undisputed fact that “Mutual Funds Sahi Hai!! In fact, there’s a Mutual Fund for every need. Whether you want to save systematically for two decades for your retirement, park your money for just a couple of weeks to earn better returns, benefit from the growth potential of a particular sector, or invest your newly received bonus with moderate risk to achieve inflation-beating returns, you can be sure that there’s a Mutual Fund available for your needs!

Benefits of Investing in Best Mutual funds:

Professional Financial Experts

Mutual fund scheme has a well-defined objective and behind every scheme, there is a dedicated team of financial experts working in tandem with a specialized investment research team. These experts diligently and judiciously study companies, their products and performance, and after thorough analysis, they decide on the best investment option most aptly suited to achieve the scheme’s objective as well as investor’s financial goals.

Diversifying Risk

Diversification of Risk plays a very big part in the success of any portfolio. This limits the investment risk by reducing the effect of a possible decline in the value of any one security. Mutual fund unit-holders can benefit from diversification techniques usually available only to investors wealthy enough to buy significant positions in a wide variety of securities.

Low Cost

Today the investment in online mutual fund has become very cheap and highly accessible by people of all income groups. Nowadays, Mutual funds generally provide an opportunity to invest with fewer funds as compared to other avenues in the capital market. You can invest in a mutual fund with as little as Rs. 5,000 and also have the option to invest in SIP mutual funds or commonly known as Systematic Investment Plan starting with just Rs.500 every month.


You can encase your money from a mutual fund rather easily on an immediate basis when compared with other forms of savings like the public provident fund or National Savings Scheme. You can withdraw or redeem money at the Net Asset Value related prices in the open-end schemes.

Retirement Planning / National Pension Scheme (NPS)

We believe that retirement is the period of life when one is no longer working for money. He needs to fund his day-today expenses from his savings. Planning for the sunset years requires added importance because people over-estimate what they have and under-estimate how much they need post retirement. Retirement planning helps one maintain his/her pre-retirement lifestyle

How much money do I need to have to retire?

The most important question that an individual must ask himself is- how much money should he/she have to retire. It could be is highly subjective. We suggest you consult a professional retirement planning advisor as this one decision can make or break your dreams of happy retirement. It largely depends on your needs. You have to pre-decide all expenses do you want to cover. Housing expenses, medical expenses, Children marriage, foreign tours, visit exotic locations, world tour & such other goals could be what one may want after retirement. Professionals suggest that one may need around 70-80% of your current monthly salary to sustain well in your future. So, it is always advisable to consult your retirement planning advisor as he will be able to guide you through various requirements.

We assist people in planning how to build up enough retirement funds over a period to enjoy a hassle-free retirement. 


Health Insurance

With medical costs spiraling out of control and the increase in shift to lifestyle diseases, healthcare today is at its all-time high in terms of treatment costs. In the event of an unforeseen illness, you may have no option other than to utilize your hard earned savings, built over your lifetime. Finally, what’s more important than your health and what better way to protect it than with the right Health Insurance Plan. A Health Insurance plan ensures complete peace of mind and makes sure that you use your hard-earned savings for the real reasons – Be it your child’s higher education or his dream wedding, a well deserved family vacation or just about anything you dreamed  all your life. For those who have a family, we recommend a family floater instead of a standalone policy since the probability of all family members needing hospitalization at one go is remote.

Even if your employer offers group medical insurance, get your own cover. A change of job or retirement could leave you without health insurance. Getting a fresh cover after 50 is anyways difficult

Term Insurance

Life insurance is a protection against the loss of income that would result if the insured passed away. The named beneficiary receives the proceeds and is thereby safeguarded from the financial impact of the death of the insured . It also helps you and your family meet unexpected financial liabilities due to lifetime events. 

Motor Insurance

Motor insurance is insurance for a motor vehicle such as a private car or commercial vehicle which provides protection against loss in the event of an accident, theft, etc. We provide competitive quotes as we have tie ups with almost all major insurance companies.

Property Insurance

This offer tailor made residential and commercial property damage insurance catering to the needs of all organizations from Small & Medium commercial enterprises to Large corporations. We address following kind of risk.

  • Standard Fire & Special Perils Insurance.
  • Earthquake
  • Floods
  • Burglary Insurance.
  • Terrorism

Tax Planning

There is more to tax planning than the exemptions available on savings made by you. With our Tax Planning advice, you will pay the right amount of tax and know how to tax proof your income and gains. After all, your capital is more productive in your hands and it can work wonders for you if planned properly. We guide you in Planning & managing your finances and achieving your financial goals. Basic planning starts with tax planning services which can increase the take home income. These investments can also cater to a few of your needs if this is well planned. Tax planning is not restricted only to tax savings investments (Section 80C). There are several other components e.g. HRA, Home Loans, NPS, Sec 80D, Re-imbursements, etc to reduce the taxable income.


  • By careful planning, one can reduce tax liability substantially.

  • Don’t wait for last minute. Start in April and use monthly investments to reduce risk. It will be easier on your pocket as well.

  • Try and achieve tax planning and also planning for your needs simultaneously

Use tax efficient investment avenues. You should not be paying too much tax on their returns

Claim Assistance


A Insurance claim can be delayed for various reasons. Majorly the reason for such delay is complying with the requirements which insurance company has raised in order to decide the claim. The scenario is more common when your claim value goes in lakhs. Insurance company depend on traditional external Third Party Surveyors and Investigators which can further delay the process.

A Insurance claim rejection does create a impact financially and emotionally. Insurance is taken with trust and promise. When the promise is tampered at the time of required is a pain.

we assist and guide a policyholder in every step of claim related communication with Insurance Company Officials, workshops and any statutory authorities.

Financial Terms and Conditions are Complex. We make it simple. Get in touch.