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Welcome to our family of financial planners to secure your financial goals. We are happy in bringing forward our team of Certified Financial Planners (CFP CM) from Financial Planning Standard Boards India (FPSB) and Mutual Fund Advisor at your service. Throughout our phase of evolution, we have clinched in an excellent team of financial planners in the country. With the aim of promoting the importance of financial planning in our society, we came up with our institution. We aim to excel in the domains of rendering professional financial advice to our individual, family and corporate clients. Our business ethics lies in planning the finances of our clients fruitfully. Clinching in professional expertise in the domains of financial advice and planning, our team works with dedication to facilitate structured financial planning of our clients. Working with a customer-centric approach, we prioritize our clients’ needs ahead of our business goals.

We are of the opinion that it is the right of every individual to secure his financial goals with a professional financial advisor. Our team believes that money is not a plant to be positioned but a resource that needs professional management.

We cater to our clients across PAN India, Dubai, UK, US, Canada, Australia and South Korea.


Comprehensive Financial Planning

Centomint works with clients to come up with and refine a comprehensive plan for their unique goals. We will advise on suitable investments, retirement planning, tax planning and insurances to cover risk with the end goal in mind. We will work with you on every step of the way .

Mutual Funds / SIP

With more than 21 lakh crores invested into Mutual Funds as on date, and more than 5,500 crores being added each month through SIP’s (Systematic Investment Plans), it’s an undisputed fact that “Mutual Funds Sahi Hai!! In fact, there’s a Mutual Fund for every need. Whether you want to save systematically for two decades for your retirement,

Retirement Planning / National Pension Scheme (NPS)

We believe that retirement is the period of life when one is no longer working for money. He needs to fund his day-today expenses from his savings.


The life and property of an individual are surrounded by the risk of death, disability or destruction. These risks may result in financial losses. Insurance is a prudent way to transfer such risks to an insurance company .

Tax Planning

There is more to tax planning than the exemptions available on savings made by you. With our Tax Planning advice, you will pay the right amount of tax and know how to tax proof your income and gains

Claim Assistance

A Insurance claim can be delayed for various reasons. Majorly the reason for such delay is complying with the requirements which insurance company has raised in order to decide the claim. The scenario is more common when your claim value goes in lakhs. Insurance company depend on traditional external Third Party Surveyors and Investigators which can further delay the process.

CFP certification is the highest professional designation that can be given to a financial planner. It is the most prestigious and internationally accepted qualification, recognized and respected by the global financial community, rated as Gold Standard by Wall Street Journal.


Being a Certified Financial Planner, we have been on a stellar journey of providing a one-stop solution for all your Financial Planning needs including investment and insurance services.


With the relentless efforts of our team of elite professionals certified in their respective fields having an experience of 16 years, we ensure that the benchmark for ideal customer experience is set several notches high.


With values, such as respect, integrity, empathy and a culture rich in passion, collaboration, flexibility and excellence, we offer Financial Planning, Investments, Wealth Management and Insurance Services to more than 400 clients.

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