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Welcome to our family of financial planners to secure your financial goals. We are happy in bringing forward our team of Certified Financial Planners (CFP CM) from Financial Planning Standard Boards India (FPSB) and Mutual Fund Advisor at your service. Throughout our phase of evolution, we have clinched in an excellent team of financial planners in the country. 

With the aim of promoting the importance of financial planning in our society, we came up with our institution. We aim to excel in the domains of rendering professional financial advice to our individual, family and corporate clients. Our business ethics lies in planning the finances of our clients fruitfully. Clinching in professional expertise in the domains of financial advice and planning, our team works with dedication to facilitate structured financial planning of our clients. Working with a customer-centric approach, we prioritize our clients’ needs ahead of our business goals.

We are of the opinion that it is the right of every individual to secure his financial goals with a professional financial advisor. Our team believes that money is not a plant to be positioned but a resource that needs professional management .


Sandeep Kumar Yadav

Sandeep Kumar Yadav is a Certified Financial Planner from FPSB and Registered Investment Advisor with SEBI. His 15 years of dedication reflects his worth to mark his presence in the field. Throughout the expansion of his career aim, he has clinched in professional excellence is several domains. Notable amongst those are compliance function, quality control, operations, risk assurance, and management across the industries rendering financial products and services. 

He also holds proficiency in Financial Planning in India and the United Kingdom. Before the acquisition of the two above professional certifications, Sandeep Kumar Yadav completed his graduation from Delhi University from the field of Commerce. Besides, he holds a certification from NISM to independently operate as a Mutual Fund Advisor. He is backed with a Licentiate certificate from Insurance Institute of India.
His keen dedication to contribute towards the field of Finance is reflected from his certifications for Financial Advisors (CeFA) and Mortgage Advise Practice (CeMAP) from The London Institute of Banking and Finance

Veena Yadav


Veena Yadav is the founding partner of the company and is MA in Economics from MDU University Rohtak and a NISM qualified Mutual Fund Advisor.

She has over 5 years of experience as a Mutual Funds Adviser and is providing suitable solutions to clients respective investment and Insurance needs. Her current responsibilities include managing the back office operation along with her team.

She is committed to providing professional mutual fund and insurance advise to individuals. Veena believes that individuals should be actively involved in the development of their financial plan.

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